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DID is at the more severe end of the dissociative continuum and usually associated with invasive, persistent physical or sexual abuse by a family member. Quiet abuse related dissociative disorders arise from less obvious attachment abuses in childhood, although they can also be precipitated by single or several incident sexual abuses from outside the family, as has been revealed by the long lasting effects on some survivors of celebrity sexual assaults.   I will be posting a list of books, papers, articles and other resources I have found especially relevant to quiet attachment abuse and hidden trauma disorders shortly

is a charity set up for partners of people with DID [dissociative identity disorder], it is well-organised and well run and runs training and information seminars around the country for partners of people with DID and clinicians interested in working with people with dissociative disorders.   

It has a books and resources section that will be useful to anyone interested in dissociative disorders, and a number of articles written by Carolyn Spring on various aspects of dissociation from the point of view of her own experience.  You can access PODS at


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